What Are Information Technologies?

Information technology uses hardware, software and networks to process storage, store, secure and transfer data. Computers, scanners, printers and other devices to support business operations are included. Additionally, peripheral devices like cameras and microphones. This includes the internal network infrastructure such as routers, switches and software applications like email and video-conferencing. It is now a … Read moreWhat Are Information Technologies?

Best Practices for Storing Confidential Information

There is no company that doesn’t have sensitive data. Storing sensitive information is a crucial responsibility. Companies store a myriad of data from client records to employee files, to financial documents to business contracts. There are a variety of important guidelines to adhere to when it comes time to store confidential information. This includes establishing … Read moreBest Practices for Storing Confidential Information

Dataroom Software Review

Dataroom software is a virtual investor platform designed to protect, manage and share documents during due diligence, M&A and fundraising transactions. Its features include document management virtual data rooms, electronic signatures, and much more. It also allows users to search for documents using advanced search options without installing any software or add-ons. It’s also available … Read moreDataroom Software Review

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