Board Meeting Preparation

The agenda for a board meeting is one of the most important aspects of successful board meetings. A well-planned agenda can help to focus the discussion, minimize time spent on topics that are not critical to the discussion and ensure that all board members are equipped to address the issues at hand.

The executive team should decide on a few strategic topics prior to the board meeting. This will help to avoid a runaway boardroom train and keep the discussion productive and relevant.

The board administrator should distribute the agenda to all directors to allow them to examine it prior to the meeting. This allows them to highlight key points and prepare any questions they may have ahead of time. Directors also have the chance to submit or review any reports they need to.

The general counsel, or a designated representative, should also review any materials prepared by management to ensure consistency and check for errors. They should also search for a section listing the attendees and draft resolution language for any decisions which will need to be taken.

Lastly, the chair should reach out to committee chairs or directors that were assigned action items from prior meetings to confirm that they are in the right direction. This is an excellent method of staying on top of any developments and provide an accurate status update. ()

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