Creating a Dynamic Agenda for Board Meetings

Board meetings are the place where important decisions are made regarding the direction, policies and operations of a business. Board meetings are a great way for directors to stay up to current on the business in general and to ensure that the company can be able to achieve its goals.

It is important to review all relevant reports and updates before any decision or deliberation is taken. This includes financial reports projects, updates on project progress customer feedback surveys, and other important information that could affect a Board decision.

Each board member should be provided with this information well in advance of the meeting so that any questions or concerns can be taken care of before the full board meets. This is particularly beneficial if you have chairpersons on committees as it will avoid the need to go through the report at the board meeting itself.

Distractions caused by discussion topics during the board meeting is an enormous time-waster and distracts board members away from the main agenda items. Many boards include parking on their agendas to allow them to put off agenda items to be considered later.

A dynamic and thorough agenda and sticking to it consistently ensures that committee and board members and their views are valued. If you create an effective agenda, you can help the meeting to begin and end in time. The attendees will also enjoy a an enjoyable experience at the Board meeting.


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