How to Overcome the Challenges of a Remote Board Meeting

As increasing business including board meetings is conducted remotely it is crucial to know how to overcome the potential problems. In terms of reducing engagement, or creating a secure environment for meetings there are best practices that must be followed to ensure that your next remote board meeting is as productive as it can be.

The most obvious issue is ensuring everyone on the board is comfortable with the virtual meeting software. Although the majority of modern board management software is intuitive certain individuals might be unable to adapt to the new system. This transition can be made smoother by providing plenty of training prior to the meeting. It may also be beneficial to allow participants to test the software prior to the meeting.

During the meeting, it’s essential to have a well-organized agenda that allows all participants to contribute their thoughts. This keeps the discussion in the right direction and prevents the meeting from deviating into unproductive territory. It’s important to have someone in place who can oversee the discussion and keep an eye on the flow of conversation.

It is crucial to close the meeting by describing what was discussed and the main results. This will help reinforce the most important learnings for your board members so they can keep pushing forward your business during the time between meetings. Also, it’s a good idea to solicit feedback at the conclusion of each meeting so that everyone feels their opinions were heard.

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