How to Plan Your Board Meeting Preparation

Preparing for a board meeting can be a stressful job since you must coordinate multiple stakeholders and adhere to deadlines. However, by following the established guidelines and employing the appropriate tools it is possible to reduce the stress and maximize the experience of all those involved.

Set the agenda for your board meeting to maximize the amount of discussion and decision making time you have available. Each item should have a time limit and a clear objective, such as providing information or seeking out information or obtaining an informed decision. If discussions diverge from the topic, gently steer conversations back to the agenda topic and make sure a designated person is taking notes to capture the key decisions and results.

It is important to ensure that all attendees are informed about the meeting, which includes the time, date and the location. This can be achieved with a portal for boards which automates the process of distributing materials.

Open the meeting with an introduction to all attendees, including any special guests or visitors. A roll call is needed to determine whether there is an adequate quorum at the time of the meeting. Review any business issues that remain unresolved from the previous meeting. Then, approve minutes.

You can utilize the remaining time to discuss any new business or other topics that require discussion before the meeting ends. It is also a great time to replace any public notices with the date, time and location of the next meeting. ()

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