How to Run Effective Virtual Meetings

Effective communication is the key to success, whether you’re an online worker or one who works in person. Virtual meetings are particularly difficult to run. However, by following the tips provided in this article, you can improve the efficiency of your meetings.

Engage your attendees from the very beginning. Start meetings with a brief icebreaker, such as having attendees share highlights of their week or a fun story they came across. This creates a positive mood and gives the attendees something to think about prior to beginning to discuss agenda items.

Designate a note-taker at the beginning of the meeting. It’s easy for attendees to lose important information during a distant meeting. Making a note-taker record the discussion can help avoid miscommunication. Encourage everyone to take notes so that they can look over and apply the information later.

In a virtual meeting it can be difficult to avoid interrupting or speaking simultaneously as a person. To avoid this, encourage turn-taking and encourage the use of the “raise hand” function in your virtual meeting software.

End your meeting with a clear set of action items. This will ensure that your team follows the objectives and decisions made in your meetings. It’s best to send an overview of the outcomes of the meeting along with actions items within a couple of days following the conclusion of the meeting. This can be done using a shared document or sending an email using your meeting software.

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