How to Run Safe Board Meetings

As school board meetings resume on a regular schedule there are a myriad of issues districts must consider. It is important that parents and members of the community are able to attend school to express their opinions for their children. However, they should do so in a manner that does not compromise security or cause disruption. Schools and districts should also be prepared to quickly remove dangerous or disruptive people from the building.

For a secure and efficient board meeting, it is important to have an agenda that is clear. This will ensure you cover all of the essential topics while keeping the duration of the meeting to the minimum, making it easier for your participants to stay on track.

A clear agenda can help to avoid drowning your guests with lengthy reports and routine tasks. By clearly identifying what the final goal of each item (inform or gather information, or make a decision) Your attendees can focus on discussion and questions, and not be distracted by the smallest details.

Choose software that is reliable and can be utilized both on-site as well as virtually. You can offer hybrid meetings to those who do not have access to a private boardroom. It will also make it simple to share documents, document attendance and minutes of meetings and will lower the chance of hackers gaining access to your data during this time of high-profile public access.


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