How to Use Board Portals for Meetings

A board portal, also known as a governance software solution, provides a secure digital environment for directors and administrators to collaborate on confidential documents, meetings, and information. The best portals let members easily prepare for board meetings and take part, while also managing ongoing work between meetings. Alongside facilitating meetings preparation, modern portals permit simple collaboration between board members and committees as well as key stakeholders and other external partners.

It is important that the board management software is user-friendly and intuitive. Ask the vendor if their program is user-friendly and if there are any videos or other resources that can assist members with their use. You should also find out how easy it will be for directors to begin their first meeting and how the platform will sync with their calendars.

Modern board portals are designed to be as effective and efficient as the boards they serve. They enhance the engagement of members and increase productivity by offering features such as task management that make it easier for members to manage their responsibilities in between meetings. Modern portals also offer electronic signatures and voting to approve documents quickly and safely. They also allow users to edit and create meeting minutes, agenda items, and documents.

The latest generation of board portals enables directors and administrators to continue to work from the cloud, making it easier for a CFO in Chicago and an IT manager in Washington DC to update a board book simultaneously. This increases the effectiveness of a board’s meetings and ensures that the board members who are involved have access to the most current information.


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