Keep Share and Edit Your Data Safe

Edit and share your data in a secure way

We all work with documents. From word documents and URL emails to spreadsheets and presentations, the ability to share files across platforms, devices and clients is a key part of our daily lives. Many of us are concerned about the security of the files we share, particularly due to the growing amount of cyber-attacks that are appearing in the news.

File sharing can offer an ideal way to collaborate and build on ideas however, it’s crucial to be aware of the access you grant to the people you’re working. Inadvertently allowing access for too long could make it easier for hackers to access your data and compromise your privacy.

You can ensure that your sensitive data safe by following a few simple guidelines when sharing files. First, only share the information they require. This decreases the possibility of information being leaking into the wrong hands in the event of a data leak or data breach. Use tools that block unauthorised edits of files. If you’re working on an Excel spreadsheet, there are programs that can lock the spreadsheet as it is being edited. This prevents malicious or accidental changes and ensures the numbers remain in order.

Online file transfer services can also pose a risk to businesses. These services can leave your company vulnerable to a variety of possible attacks. It’s also difficult for administrators and managers to determine the location of files or what kind of access they’ve received.


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