Maximizing the Productivity of an Online Board Meeting

Online board meetings are a fantastic option for board members who often travel extensively for their duties. They can attend meetings without having to adjust their schedules, or deal with deadlines such as quarantine periods or flight costs.

There are a few factors to consider in order to maximize the efficiency of an online board. For instance the meeting organizer must ensure that all attendees have the proper equipment and software before beginning the meeting. It is important to check that the microphone, screen and other equipment are all working properly. It is also an ideal idea to have a staff member available to assist attendees. The person will assist with login issues, offer technical support during the meeting and also monitor the chat box for questions.

The board chair should also establish the tone for an online meeting, by establishing the rules for the discussion. Participants can be asked to raise their hands virtual to speak in order to prevent multiple people speaking at once. They can also urge attendees to use the mute function in case they don’t want to be heard or aren’t participating in the discussion. They can also request speakers to state straight from the source their name before speaking, in order to avoid confusion.

It is also important to prepare an agenda that is written for an online board meeting so that the participants know the topics to be discussed and where the meeting is headed. It is also a great idea to send the agenda to participants ahead of time, so they can prepare questions and responses.

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