Meeting Room Management Essentials

Meeting Room Management is an essential element of a successful workplace. The best meeting rooms have the technology required for video conference and hybrid meetings, as well as presentations. They are quiet and free of distractions so that employees can focus on their work. Often times, however these rooms are not utilized to the fullest extent.

Inconsistency in coordination leads to wasted time in search of spaces or spending more than required on conference calls. Booking a room on any device at any time is crucial to the efficiency of meetings. It allows organizations to manage their equipment, amenities and capacity of rooms more efficiently.

Another major aspect of a booking application for meeting rooms is the ability to sync calendars. This allows cancellations or changes to be updated in real time and prevents scheduling conflicts. It also allows teams to easily locate available spaces, eliminating the need to rely on paper planners, or other systems that don’t automatically sync with calendars.

Noise can be a nuisance and can cause distraction during a meeting. It may cause disruption to the flow of conversation or distract you from a video conference or even cause a presentation to be ruined. Noise-reducing devices in your meeting rooms will ensure that everyone is heard, and that the session is productive.

Clearly define and communicate policies regarding the use of meeting rooms. Make clear the time in advance that team members can reserve a room and the length of time that a single meeting can last. This will help you avoid scheduling conflicts and keep empty rooms accessible for other purposes.


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