Running a Successful Board Meeting

An active agenda is vital for a successful meeting. It should include the possibility of updating and discussions. How can you ensure that the board is engaging in discussions focused on creating strategies that propel the business forward instead of simply discussing information that already has been disseminated?

The key is to prioritize the most important discussion topics at the top of the agenda. This will motivate the leadership to bring the meeting to life by getting into the meaty discussions earlier, and it will also establish a precedent that the meeting isn’t simply a recital of reports. This will lessen the tendency to get distracted by new topics or to waste time on activities that can be moved to subsequent meetings.

After the board has discussed the company’s strategy and come to an agreement the next step is to develop an action plan. This will include identifying concrete metrics that are aligned to these goals, for instance a net promoter score customer retention and satisfaction levels as well as sales by region or employee turnover.

During the discussion, it’s important for the board to consider the pros and cons of each strategy. This will ensure that everyone is aware of what they are agreeing to and that the decisions will have a positive effect on the business. It is also essential to establish a culture of respect, to ensure that the board members feel comfortable in expressing their opinions and challenging preconceived views with respect.

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