Securely Exchange Important and Sensitive Documents

Many industries require secure transfer of sensitive and crucial documents to improve the customer experience, increase productivity and safeguard confidential information from cyber threats. Healthcare, financial services and law enforcement are just a few examples.

Email is a simple and efficient way to communicate however it’s not the most secure. Documents sent through email are susceptible to hacker attacks and spammers who could get hold of messages. This is the reason it’s essential to utilize an encryption-secure document exchange platform that uses encryption and protocols in order to ensure that information is not accessible by unauthorised individuals.

Utilizing an online fax system to send confidential documents is a secure and secure alternative to email. It allows you to send documents without the need of a traditional fax machine or a landline. Furthermore, it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Additionally, many fax providers offer features such as digital signatures and redaction that make it easier for teams to sign and create documents together.

When it comes to the storage of documents on paper, ensure that they’re not placed out on desks to anyone to access or place in a shared printer. It is also recommended to establish the practice of keeping a clean desk and regularly shred old files to prevent them from falling in the wrong hands. If you’re using online storage, be sure that all data you upload is encrypted and requires multifactor authentication. You must also be able to keep track of when and how the document was accessed, which is important in case of a data breach or other issues.


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