Securely Share Confidential Docs

Securely Share Confidential Docs

The professional services industry must ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information, especially during collaborative work-in-progress. During these processes, files are routinely distributed among teams to be revised and input. These documents may be viewed by hackers which could cause reputational damage, financial losses and even legal liabilities.

When it comes to sharing sensitive information, the majority of businesses employ a mix of methods to secure send confidential documents. It is possible to share the document by email, through collaboration platforms such as Google Docs or Dropbox or even physically deliver it in person. While each of these methods has its own unique set of risks it is essential to prioritize data protection and privacy to shield confidential documents from unauthorised access.

One of the most effective ways to protect confidential documents is by using file encryption. This makes files unreadable for unauthorised users, and could prevent unauthorized printing, copying and sharing. File encryption should be a standard feature of any file sharing service and can be integrated into secure document management systems.

Passwords are a common way to protect shared files, but they have their own set of problems. For instance, passwords may be shared with users who are not authorized and could be hacked. They also don’t stop other activities like cutting, deleting, printing and pasting or saving a file in a different format. To truly protect files they must be secured with PDF DRM software prior to sending.


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