The Best Board Room Format – 6 Different Room Layouts

The ideal boardroom format is one that accommodates the needs of attendees and the kind of meeting. The ideal layout for the room can increase the effectiveness of group discussions and presenters, while also enhancing the interaction between attendees. This article explores 6 different layouts that will assist you in determining the ideal arrangement for your conference room business.

The most commonly used arrangement, the boardroom has a single table with chairs around it from all sides. This layout is ideal for agenda-focussed meetings and allows for swift participant interaction. This arrangement is great for presentations and group brainstorming, as it lets everyone data room pricing have easy access to the whiteboard or screen.

Another popular layout for meeting rooms is the classroom style. This layout is perfect for training sessions and workshops which are primarily educational, however, it’s not the best for interactive or discussion-based learning. The classroom style also has the benefit of an easier line of sight for those in back.

A hollow square or empty square layout is a rectangular table placed in an equilateral triangle in the middle of the room. This type of setup is ideal for collaborative sessions because it puts everyone on equal footing and allows participation from both sides. It’s also a great room layout for presentations or videoconferencing sessions since the empty middle makes it easy to set up whiteboards or screens.


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